hot tubs Reewak

  • we require one valid ID for a hot tub rent
  • we require a deposit of 5.000, - CZK, which is refundable after the delivery of the tub
  • at the time of return the tub is burned out, drained, cleaned, including the combustion chamber
  • We will bring the tub on a trailer by a passenger car. You provide space for car entrances and 4-5 people for transfer.

Rental price list

Weekend rental

  • Price: 3.600, - CZK
  • weekend renting of the hot tub begins on Friday at 3 pm and ends on Monday at 4 pm
  • If you are renting a hot tub for two consecutive weekends, you have a hot tub for a full working week free!

Rent for the whole month

  • Price: 7.500, - CZK


Transport of the hot tub to you and back 8 CZK  / km, minimum 400, - CZK