hot tubs Reewak

Location of the hot tub

Think about where to put the tub in your garden and try to answer some questions:

  • Do you want the bath to dominate your garden or to blend in with your surroundings?
  • Do you want to have a nice view from the bath and want to see you?

Other important factors

  • Fumes arising from the flue duct of your hot tub should not bother you or your surroundings.
  • Consider whether you can water your bath at the planned site, and drain the water safely.
  • We do not recommend to place a hot tub in windy locations.

Land  preparedness for a hot tub

The bath water-filled bath weighs from 2000kg to 5000kg (depending on the diameter). We recommend fine aggregates, fine gravel and round mats under the extruded polystyrene bath. Ideal is the slag slap and horizontal paving.

Since we manufacture hot tubs of high-quality stainless materials, including the bottom, there is no ventilation gap around our product.

Customers who want to place their hot tub in the ground offer a sale of a bath without a wooden lining. These customers must provide a sufficiently large trench with a concrete floor at least 15cm reinforced concrete wires with a diameter of at least 8mm, and a good fitting of the bath in the ground, maintaining a 3mm gap between the wall of the bath and the masonry. The gap can be filled with Mirelone 2mm, for better insulation.

Please note access to the water drain from the bath tub and access to the stowage and ashtray doors.

We recommend that you contact a specialist construction company if you place a hot tub in the land.