hot tubs Reewak

Hot tub is a tank of cylindrical shape, filled with water, intended for rest and relaxation. Learn more about beneficial effects.

The tub consists of a wooden corpus, an insulating layer, an inner casing, wood stoves placed directly in the water and sitting benches. Each tub can be equipped with a wide range of accessories according to the customer's wishes. Water in the bath tub heats stainless steel stoves in which they melt with lumberwood.

The water in the tub can be heated from an initial temperature of 16 degrees to a temperature of 38 degrees in 2-3 hours. In winter, when water is covered by ice, the heating time is up to 5 hours. However, if the tub is operated in the winter period regularly every day, it is enough to warm up the water to 38 degrees, always flooded for 15-20 minutes.

Types of Hot tubs

  • All-wood: the advantage of this tub is the low price, which, unfortunately, we also buy a very low service life.
  • Plastic with wooden lining: We buy a tub at a great price, which has a longer service life, but the blue plastic is already in the vicinity of our houses and does not always make a nice impression.
  • Stainless steel with wood paneling: at the moment, probably the best on the market. We buy a long life, a nice look and we basically bathe in a clean environment.

Colors of Hot tubs

For a bath, the customer can choose the color shade of the wooden paneling according to our sampler.

Location of Hot tub

Consider the location of the tub. Choose a place that suits your needs. Consider how important it is for you to bring your tub on your land to take your attention or to blend in with your surroundings. Take a look at what your surroundings will look like and what neighborhood around you will be during your bath.

Detailed information on land readiness.

Technical data and several practical tips can be found on the Technical Data Sheet page.