Warm bath

A warm bath is the most enjoyable and simple way to get rid of body and soul fatigue. Its effect is even greater when a relaxing ritual in an open-air hot tub takes place in the bathroom or in another enclosed space.


water treatment, now also called hydrotherapy, began to be recognized as a form of therapy in ancient times and was an indispensable part of the lifestyle of the Romans and Greeks. Water healing baths were established at the water springs considered as healing and in the pressure springs. Water is a very rare and universal tool which, when properly used, has a rich and exceptional effect on the human organism. From ancient times to the present, hydrotherapy is used to treat

  • arthritis,
  • rheumatism,
  • stress relieving,
  • muscle and joint therapy,
  • encouragement and relaxation as well as treatment of insomnia.

Private baths have a great advantage, there is no need a large land for a tub. It also goes into a small garden.
The only thing you should be sure about is regular and frequent use. Because frequent and regular stay in a warm bath brings health results.

Recommended bathing temperature: To make the spa work relaxing, it must have a higher temperature than the human body, that is 38 to 41 degrees. We do not warm up in hot tub as swimming pool. In the bath tub we sit quietly and allow ourselves to be massaged with a stream of water or air. Let's take all the trouble out of our heads and enjoy peace and well-being. In 20 minutes the body is relieved of stress and fatigue.

How does it work

how is it possible that just by sitting in warm water will your body rest? The explanation is simple. It is due to physical effects:

  • By the pressure: The mechanical effect of hydrotherapy arises from the fact that water makes the human body more comfortable, up to 90% of its weight. We feel the weightlessness in the water, which gives instant relief to overloaded joints. The mechanical effect also strengthens the cardiovascular system, releases muscle tension, stimulates the immune system and reduces stress.
  • Temperature: The so-called thermal effect of hydrotherapy is the temperature of the bath, during which the body calms, relaxes and slows the activity of the internal organs. Staying in too warm water makes us feel exhausted and tired and does not benefit high-pressure and cardiac people. Staying in too cold water leads to a cold.

The advantage of a bath is to stay in warm water in fresh air all year round.
Beware of addiction, a person who gets used to the beneficial effect of a hot tub can no longer be without it.